Business profile

MIRBUD S.A. operates primarily as a general contractor in all segments of the construction industry. The Company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2008.

The Company's trademark is its thirty years’ experience and over 500 completed investment projects, most of which are prestigious construction contracts in the field of:

  • industrial construction (production and storage buildings);
  • public utility buildings (sports halls, stadiums, hospitals, public administration offices, shopping malls, office and hotel facilities);
  • road engineering construction (motorways, national, voivodeship and district roads, elements of the urban transport infrastructure, bridges and railway sidings);
  • housing construction (single-family, terraced and multi-family residential buildings).

The MIRBUD Capital Group employs nearly 800 employees, including highly qualified engineering staff with various specialisations in the construction industry. The Company's also has the  advantage of a well-developed machine park which ensures performance of most of the work on the basis of its own facilities.

Since 2008, MIRBUD S.A. has been successively building a stable Capital Group with a diversified range of activities. Investment tasks in the field of housing construction in the developer system were taken over by a company separated from the structures of MIRBUD S.A. and listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange - JHM Development S.A., and the shares purchased in 2010 in  Kobylarnia S.A. [The Kobylarnia S.A. Road and Bridge Construction Enterprise] from Bydgoszcz allowed the scope of activities to be extended to road and bridge works and production of bituminous masses.

Moreover, the MIRBUD Capital Group includes Marywilska 44 Sp. z o.o., which is the owner and manager of one of the largest shopping centres in Warsaw. 

MIRBUD S.A. guarantees the highest quality of services, efficient organisation, and fast pace of work based on the highest standards and professional technical staff.